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We were one of the first companies to provide cloud mining services. After years of development, we now have five mining farms around the world with members in more than 195 countries/regions, and we are trusted by over 650,000 users worldwide. We believe that everyone should benefit from cloud mining and have access to the latest technology and large industrial data centers from their laptop or mobile phone. We use renewable energy, such as solar and wind energy, to mine in the cloud, which greatly reduces the cost of mining and integrates the remaining electricity into the grid. This means you can get huge mining power without expensive hardware and without having to deal with noise and heat at home. All you need is your computer or mobile phone to sign a mining contract and get rewarded. Our team consists of professionals from top web companies, and more than half of our team works in the R&D department, bringing with them rich technical expertise. Our vision is to expand our business to cover the entire cryptocurrency industry chain, and to serve global users with technological innovation.
The Boosted Miner solution:

Bitcoin mining is a profitable business that has incredible tax saving advantages and undeniable self sovereignty benefits.

However most investor think mining bitcoin is out of their reach...

1. They don't have a cheap and abundant energy source (Avg. household energy cost is 15 cents per kw/h)

2. They don't know where to source their equipment from

3. They don't have the technical skills to setup the miners themselves 

4. They don't understand the massive tax incentives behind mining

5. They don't know how to run the machines in an efficient way

That's why my co-founder Connor and I created Boosted Miner, your one stop shop for mining bitcoin without any prior experience. You pay a one time fee, you own the miners, we allocate and set them up for you using our scalable energy source You receive the tax write off and keep 100% of the bitcoin mined. No hidden monthly fees, no profit splits just 100% hands free passive income paid in the most scarce money of all time.

Why does Boosted Miner work so well

1. Scalable industrial energy source (4-7 cents per kw/h)

Established relationships with Blockware and Brains OS to ensure the best priced miners and up to date software

3. Mentorship from the CEO of Riot Blockchain (the largest publicly held mining company in the USA)

4. State of the art immersion cooling that allows us to run our miners at the most efficient state possible

5. On site staff, electricians and 24/7 support

            Our value 

  We offer two types of mining packages:

  1. Ownership package: You own 100% of the equipment and we manage it for you. You receive the tax write off. Ownership packages start at $50K and go to $100K+
  1. Hash rate packages: We own the equipment you rent the th/s directly from us.
  1. You still earn 100% of the bitcoin mined and enjoy no KYC, no exchange risk and DCA into bitcoin

Since 2019, Boosted Miner has emerged as a prominent global hub for cryptocurrency cloud mining. We've revolutionized the industry by streamlining the process and establishing a user-friendly marketplace where individuals can effortlessly acquire the necessary hash power. Our mission is to demystify cryptocurrency cloud mining, making it accessible and comprehensible to all.

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